The Centre for reMission works to support the Church in thriving on mission. It is a not-for-profit, multi-denominational Christian organization that partners with local churches and individuals to work together in helping the Church fulfill its purpose.

There are two significant problems many of our churches are facing that prevent us from thriving on mission. The first problem is the Church Body has become sick with harmful diseases that are damaging its health and wellbeing. The second problem is the Church has also lost a robust sense of its original purpose, which is to actively participate in the mission of God. If this diagnosis is true, what do we need to do in order to restore the Church Body to health?

When the human body becomes sick with a life-threatening disease like cancer, our goal is to achieve remission. This involves sending out the harmful cancers for the purpose of restoring the human body to health. We propose that when the Church Body becomes sick with cancer-like diseases, our goal also needs to be to achieve remission. For the Church, achieving full remission requires two simultaneous actions. First, the Church needs to work towards sending out the harmful cancers for the purpose of restoring the Body to health. And second, the Church needs to actively recover its role in participating in God’s mission of sending out disciples for the purpose of restoring the world. Only once the Church is successfully engaging in both of these activities will the Body be functioning at its optimal state of health, which involves being both cancer-free and thriving on mission. Only then can we declare the Church Body to be in full remission.

The Centre for reMission is led by a globally situated steering committee of concerned, committed followers of Christ who share a heart for the Church worldwide and the communities to which it is sent. Our purpose is to support the Church in thriving on mission. We believe it is our calling as the Church to actively participate with God in restoring our world.

Contact us if you are interested in working with our team as we seek to thrive on God’s mission together.